Virtuwa is a virtual delight. Literally, and we try to be!

Mixing the terms, “Virtual” and “Tuwa” (the Filipino word for all things happy), we work remotely to satisfy both our team and you — smiles away from New York and Manila.


of our core values, beliefs, and ethics

In diligence, we trust. Steadfast passion feeds success, alongside a team with strong work ethic in the face of creative limits.

Our love language is a 24/7 takeaway. At Virtuwa, we set a new standard for virtual assistance by delivering tasteful work around-the-clock at a fraction of the cost.

We have Tuwa tattooed on our spirits. Because we believe happiness translates to productivity, our team’s efforts are inked with fortitude, ingenuity, and enthusiasm.

We measure by smiles. On a scale from 1 to a smiley face, we work to receive the heart eyes. Our team’s talent and our client partnerships fuel our drive across opposite time zones and to your virtual screen.


Long Island, New York



+1 (516) 456 5879